Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Potato Pastry Recipe

I originally started making potato pastry when dh had to follow a very low fat diet for medical reasons. It fits in perfectly for rationing as I have to make the butter last so can use very little in recipes.  I have adapted it a bit since then. It's very versatile and you can do whatever you want with it. The texture is a bit different to regular pastry, softer and chewier, I think this is because it has less fat. I really don't measure anything out unless I have to so change it as you go along if you want! 

1 or 2 large baking potatoes
Plain flour
Grated cheese to taste
Fresh herbs
1-2 teaspoon butter

1) Peel and boil potatoes until tender. mash until smooth with butter and leave to cool.
2)  Add about 1/4 cup milk per potato used and mix adding in flour, herbs and cheese until a dough is formed.  It will take quite a lot of flour.  You will know you have added enough flour as the dough will be firm. 
3) 1 large potatoes worth is enough for me to make 8 mini pies. 
4) Roll dough onto a well floured board.  The dough will be fragile.  Roll thinly otherwise it can taste quite dense. 
5) If I'm making mini pies I make the bases of the pastry in the tin and par-cook before adding filling and pie top. I've found it works better that way. 
6) If you want a richer pastry add more butter.  I use a small amount because of rations.  I have used sweet potato in the past and this has worked well too.

Sorry if my directions are not very good but I think it gives the idea!  Now,  must go, the Slow Tv Canal Boat program has just started-woop!!



  1. Sounds interesting, I've never tried potato pastry before. When I make pastry, I make a large quantity at a time, portion it up and freeze it. It saves time and ensures I have ready-made pastry (providing I remember to take it out of the freezer!) to make a pie with the leftovers from the Sunday roast, or to use up eggs and a bit of veg for a quiche.

    1. That's a good idea sooze. You sound very organised! :)

  2. Sounds really good. Can you leave out the cheese? We are all dairy intolerant. Thanks for sharing

    1. Yes that's fine. I only add it to add flavour. Fresh herbs would probably work well too :)