Thursday, 21 May 2015

Enjoying The Simple Things

Today, I feel very blessed. Dh and I woke up early. I made us a cup of tea then I went off to the allotment. 

I made homemade soap spray ready for the aphids etc. Can you see the mama cow in the background watching over her baby while he has a snooze :) 
My blackcurrants and redcurrants are starting to fruit :)

At the weekend Dh made me a light fruit cage to go over the strawberries.  The front comes up for harvesting

I then went into town and bought some bread and a few essentials. On the way home I went via the fruit and veg shop and I bought some baking potatoes, local strawberries and they also had English asparagus! ! One of the things about buying seasonal fruit and veg is that I get so excited every time something seasonal is available for the first time!

When I got back I made dh and I poached eggs on toast. I had a whiz round with the hoover and put all the shopping away.  I've had a shower and am just having a sit down and a cup of tea.  The sun is shining,  I'm off to a job I enjoy in a bit and we have something exciting in the pipeline:)

Hope everyone else is enjoying the sunshine.



  1. Hi Gillie, what a gorgeous view you have from one of your windows, kitchen perhaps? How lucky are you:) Oh dear I'm one of the few people who don't like strawberries, I must admit they look delicious though. So pleased to hear you are enjoying your new job oh and looking forward to hearing something exciting. Happy Friday Linda

    1. Thanks Linda! We bought our home based on that view!

  2. What a fab garden! Super jealous! I'm hoping to get mine like that, when money allows it, eventually :)
    New follower from UndomesticDiva