Sunday, 17 May 2015

Allotmenting And A Walk

I harvested rhubarb at the allotment.  DH has requested a rhubarb and pear crumble. 

We went on a walk from my Local Walks book. This beautiful church was at the start of the walk

I made sandwiches to take with us and dh carried them with some water in his original 1940s British Army bag.

The views were lovely.  Admittedly, we did get a bit lost and ended up taking a footpath that took us through a field of bulls, which was a bit worrying,  but thankfully they were placid and we found our way back to the main road. 

We've had a lovely day today.  Dh came with me to the allotment this morning and build a light fruit frame from canes that I can protect the strawberries with as they are starting to fruit!  

We went on a walk and took a picnic lunch which was lovely.  We didn't meet a soul on the walk, it was very peaceful.  . . .: except the bit where we got lost!!

I'm now having a quick whiz round to tidy up then we're off to see A Royal Night Out at the cinema!  V. Excited :)



  1. I hope you enjoy the film. It's one I really want to see. X

  2. We love a country walk too.
    So glad you enjoyed the film, I would like to see that one too.
    Fondly Michelle