Thursday, 14 May 2015

2015 List Of Fun!!

I wrote on my blog previously about how I didn't like my job and I was planning on leaving. I have now left and started a new job and I love it, the people are lovely and it feels like a fresh start :)

To be honest my last job was really bad for the last year.  I gave my heart and soul to the business and worked so hard which unfortunately 2 of the women didn't like and they formed this clique against me, also involving a third person.  It was awful, I was ignored and sniped at. I went home nearly every night and sobbed. I lost all my confidence and became so worried about making mistakes knowing they were watching my every move. I went to the boss, but nothing really happened. I was so relieved to leave. 

At the start of the year before I left I wrote a List of Fun of all the things I wanted to do this year.  Originally it was supposed to be a distraction from work but now it is a celebration of a new start and happy times. I have already completed a few of the things on the list but now I want to start in earnest.  It's not massive things,  it's just things I haven't done for a long time,  or haven't made time for, or have forgotten to enjoy because of all my work worries.  

I have 29 things on my list and I tick them off as I complete them.  Included is:
* Complete every walk in my 50 local walks book.
* Go to the cinema ( I'm already planning to go and see A Royal Night Out! !! Anyone seen it advertised-looks great! )
* Buy myself flowers for no reason. 
* Build a snowman.
* Have chips on the prom (done!)
* Go to the beach for the day. 
* Hire bikes and go cycling for the day with a picnic. 
* Go walking in Snowdonia. 
* Go to a 50s dance.
* Go to London and see the sights.

That's a few of the things on my list.  Some of them will take planning,  some are more simple.  I really hope I can complete them all!

Wish me luck! 



  1. Bless you, at least you can put all the bad stuff from your last job behind you now you have this lovely new job. That fun list sounds such a good idea.

  2. I feel for you, it's awful when people act like that at work, I have experienced that in the past. I like your fun things list, great idea.

    1. Thanks Thrift Deluxe. It's raining here so I'm relaxing before work with an episode of Wartime Farm :) The planned allotment trip is a write-off!

  3. I have never left a comment before but thought I would give it
    a go .I enjoy reading your blog very much as it's so nice to see a young
    couple with good values and happy to try and make a nice home,
    instead of moaning about how tough it is .You come across as
    a very positive lady . As for the nasty gang at your last job well I think
    sometimes people are just jealous and it comes out as bullying .
    Good luck in your new job and so glad it has turned out well for you

    1. Hi. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment. I'm glad you're enjoying reading my blog :)

  4. Hi, just stumbled by chance on your lovely blog this eve. Life is so fleeting and at times you have to take a step back, reassess and prioritise. You can't change others but you gain so much by keeping your own values and disallowing negativity to seep into every aspect. Well done on being proactive. I am paring things back this coming year, living simply and reminding self daily about what is really important. Take care x