Sunday, 5 April 2015

The Sun Is Out!!!!

I woke up today and, excitement, the sun was out!! I made dh and I toast and a cup of tea that we enjoyed in bed (well it is Sunday!), then I got up, put a load of washing on then we went for a lovely walk.

When we got back I ran the hoover round, stripped the bed and got a second load of washing on, put the first load out. I then got everything to go in the bottom half of the shepherds pie and put it in the slow cooker. To make the veggie mince last longer I did half mince half brown lentils which worked really well. I also put in leeks, swede, onion, a tin of tomatoes (left in cupboard), and carrots. I picked some herbs from our pots and added them too with some marmite and half a stock cube. 

I harvested the last of my spring onions

Home grown herbs

For lunch we had ploughmans which was lovely. This afternoon I did a bit more of my puzzle, followed by some reading then dh and I went to the allotment and did some work down there. I was pleased to see the first of the broad beans starting to come through :)

Once we got back I finished the shepherds pie, which we enjoyed. I then got all the washing in and ironed it, did the washing up and now I am having a sit down while dh finished his work.

Then it will be a cup of tea and a game of cards before bed.


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