Sunday, 5 April 2015

The Start Of Rationing- The First Shop

I woke up pretty excited yesterday at the thought of starting rationing and doing my first shop. The weather was pretty gloomy but dry. 

First stop was the fruit and veg shop. I stuck to seasonal fruit and veg with lots of apples and root vegetables. I'm now itching to get more planted in my allotment.

Some of the fruit and veg I bought for the week

I went to our local shop and bought everything on my rationing list butter, cheese, bread, fruit, veg, eggs etc.It felt good to buy completely unprocessed food that I will cook from scratch with. I've already started thinking about how I am going to make everything in my cupboards last as long as possible. 

In the afternoon we went for a walk and I worked on my 1000 piece puzzle of the Queens Jubilee I got in a charity shop.

My needlework box looks much better :)

I also did a few jobs I've been wanted to do for ages. I sorted my needlework drawer that sits in the top of my needlework box. I also sorted some of our paperwork and got a lot of it filed. A pretty productive day!


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