Friday, 3 April 2015

The Rationing Project

I have been really interested in rationing for a long time. I find the subject fascinating and after a lot of thought I'd like to do a little experiment of my own. I would like to do my own version of 1940s rationing. 

The hard thing about trying to do rationing is that it is impossible to completely replicate as we are no longer in the same situation. I know the rations that were issued but its hard to find out what foods weren't rationed, and how abundant those foods were. Dh and I live in the country and its also not clear how different the rationing situation was for city and country folk. 

So, this is what we're going to do, I don't know how long for, for as long as I want to! I am going to to my own version of rationing combined with 1940s eating ( or at least to the best of my ability!)

I am veggie but dh likes fish so I have tried to take that into consideration. We live in the country and during the war would have kept our own chickens so I have allowed us extra eggs to replicate that. I don't cook with lard or olive oil and I don't eat margarine so I have put that allowance into butter. Its not perfect or really that accurate but its my take on things. 

Here is my version of one persons weekly ration: 

8 oz meat (I'm not having a bacon or ham allowance. This will be a plain meat substitute such as mince or plain sausages)
4.5 oz butter (I am not taking a lard\marg allowance)
4oz cheese 
4oz sugar or honey
4oz chocolate
4oz dried beans, lentils or rice
1 tin baked beans
1oz tea
2oz coffee
3 eggs
1 tin fish
1 bag flour
1 orange
3 pints milk

Looking at my list that kind of looks like a lot but then I guess everything will be cooked from scratch (dh and I never get takeaways anyway)
Unrationed is seasonal fruit and veg and bread. There was also things that I think you could get like mustard etc so I am going to make a special effort to buy old brands like Colman's. My vintage women's magazines give me a good idea of brands available at the time. The things I definitely won't be buying (although a lot we don't buy regularly anyway) is, packaged meals, biscuits, crackers, pizza, cakes and pastries, crisps, yoghurt, pre-made cooking sauces, wine, nuts and nut butters, squash and fruit juice. I'm sure there's lots of other things too! I'm not sure about cocoa and things like Horlicks. I'll do some research. 

I'll be using up everything in my cupboards that I have already bought, just like women of the time.

First shop tomorrow!


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