Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Such A Good Day

Today has been such a lovely day. I had a bit of a lie in (until about 7:30am) and made dh and I porridge and a cup of tea.  Dh then dropped me at the allotment while he went to see a client.  I did some weeding and planted spinach seeds.

When we got back home I put split pea soup on the slow cooker. 

I then went to have a cup of tea with a friend that I haven't seen for a few weeks.  It was so good to have a catch up :)

When I got back I made dh a cheese sandwich for lunch with grilled mushrooms.  It is such a nice day here today.  The sun has been shining all day.  It's fantastic.  

The postman bought some 1940s magazines I bought that I can't wait to sit down and enjoy.  

I've done some more work on my puzzle.  I'm making the most of my day today as including travelling time I have a 13 hour working day tomorrow.  
I went to the library and got another audio cd to enjoy on my way to and from work.  

These are my 1940s magazines that arrived today. 

Home grown herbs added to split pea soup

Porridge with stewed apple is filling,  nourishing
And doesn't use much of our precious rations! 

We went on a coastal walk at the weekend.
The climb was high,  the views fantastic
And it appears someone has made a 'crop circle'
In the sand! !!

Early night tonight I think



  1. Those Housewife magazines look fabulous! I will have to try to find an issue or 2 online!

    1. I love old magazines. I find them fascinating :)

    2. I love old magazines. I find them fascinating :)