Saturday, 18 April 2015

Rationing - The Third Shop

I have just come back from doing my third 'rationing' shop and I wanted to share my thoughts on what I've been doing so far, how I've found it etc.

The first thing I found when I thought about doing rationing is that you can never exactly do rationing as it was at that that time.  While it is easy to find out what the original rations were it is impossible (or so I think) to find out about items that were unrationed,  and how abundant they were to buy.  E.g: in one of the my books Bournville did a handy recipe page with their cocoa powder but cocoa was unrationed.  Does this mean it was easy to get hold of? What about condiments?  Coffee was unrationed but hard to get hold of I believe but I can see it advertised in a photo in one of my rationing books!  

So, I'm just being sensible and doing my own thing.  I plan what I'm going to buy  and I do all of my shopping on Saturday.  The only thing I top up in the week is seasonal fruit and veg or bread.  This week this is our weekly ration per person

12oz mince/meat substitute
3.5 oz butter
4oz cheese
3 pints milk
16oz oats
8oz honey
3.5 oz sweets
1 orange
3 eggs
seasonal fruit and veg

When I look at that list I think,  crikey that looks like a lot,  but it's not really.  From that food I have to prepare all the meals including packed lunches for work.  I have no tinned food except what I have left in the cupboards,  no prepared meals,  no packet food, no tins which I miss especially tinned kidney beans and tinned tomatoes!  I miss yoghurt,  peanut butter, pesto and bananas. I also miss instant rice (great for lunches) and jam (we've chosen honey over jam as I will make my own in the summer).

Although I miss these items we are both enjoying our version of rationing very much. I am so excited about the strawberry season just around the corner! !!

As my kitchen supplies deplete I am finding it harder though.  This week I made biscuits and even though they were low fat we ran out of butter on Thursday!  So we had porridge for breakfast in the latter part of the week instead of toast which was fine.  I don't buy boxed cereals.  I don't think they were available. 

Today is sunny but cold and windy. 

I'm going to the allotment in a bit:)

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. 



  1. Hello, just discovered your blog, but now can't remember how I found you! I shall enjoy reading back and finding out about your rationing menus

    1. Thank you for finding me and your kind comment :)

  2. I really find this so amazing about your rationing. I tried to find out this info for the US, but it was so confusing. I've tagged your blog for "The Two Good Reads Tags". You can find the info on my blog. I wish you a wonderful, fun, weekend.

    1. Hi. Thanks for tagging me. I will check that out :) I'm not blogging this weekend as we have friends staying but I'm having a great time :)