Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Rationing- The First Week . . . . So Far!

Hello! Hope everyone is well. I've had a crazy busy day today. 

I slept really badly, tossing and turning until at least 1am, then I woke up feeling pretty tired about 6am. I can't imagine how the women particularly during the War time used to work full time and manage a family, especially without all the mod con's of today. I have the utmost respect for them.

I knew I wouldn't be getting lunch until late so I used one of our precious tins of baked beans to make baked beans on toast so we could have a proper breakfast. I sorted dh's lunch out and myself a snack of an apple and a homemade digestive biscuit for when I finished work. Last night I made digestive biscuits. I looked up a low fat recipe so I would not use too much of our butter ration. 

Homemade Digestive Biscuits

I left for work about 7:20am and ended up not getting in until 4:30pm (I was only supposed to work until 1:30 today). Dh was still working but he wanted to stop and go for a walk. I was pretty tired from work so a brisk walk was quite refreshing. The weather was so lovely it seemed a shame to waste it indoors. We walked for about 40mins. When we got in dh had to start getting ready to go out and he wanted a quick, light dinner so I used our last 2 eggs to make a batch of pancakes. 

I have found rationing this week fairly easy so far but I have been using a lot of the supplies I have in the cupboard already. Next week might be a bit different!!! I have definitely been cooking more from scratch ,(although I did quite a lot already).

I'm just having a quick sit down now then I've still got to finish sorting the washing out, tidy up the kitchen, clean the bathroom and whiz the hoover round. I have ordered 3 second hand books on rationing so I hope they'll come this week and I can have a good read! In the mean time this little lot arrived today ;)

Vintage Women's Magazines


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  1. I am really fascinated by your rationing project! Maybe sometime you could post some of your 1940's recipes- I love trying old recipes! I followed a link from Remembering the Old Ways to your blog.