Friday, 3 April 2015

Leek And Potato Soup, And A Good Book :)

Yesterday was a good day. Dh had a friend over in the morning so I got up, made us a lovely breakfast of poached eggs on toast and a cup of tea. I then whizzed the hoover round.

Once the friend arrived I made us all tea then left the chaps to it as they were talking about work. I took the opportunity to sit in the bedroom and read a bit more of my library book. It's called Lost Voices Of The Edwardians by Max Arthur. It's a fascinating collection of memories from people who lived during the period. Some memories are just a paragraph, some go on for several pages, but all give a fantastic insight into life at the time. I'm thoroughly enjoying it :)

I was supposed to be working in the afternoon so I prepared leek and potato soup for an early lunch. Dh makes the best leek and potato soup I have ever tasted, but he was working, so we had to make do with my efforts! 

I was going to take a photo of the finished soup
Too but it was so tasty I'd finished the bowl before I remembered! 
Late morning I got a call from work saying it was quiet so did I want the day off as I have volunteered to work bank holiday Monday!! Woop woop!! An unexpected day off. . . . what to do? 

Although dh was supposed to be working he decided to take a few hours off and we went for a short walk, followed by a trip into town.  We had a coffee out and a look round the charity shops.  I also looked round a new craft shop that has opened which has lots of exciting things in!

We had a light tea and a game of cards in the evening and I have been doing more reading on rationing and I also spent time reading my rationing cookbooks. 


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