Saturday, 25 April 2015

Helping Out At The Fayre!

I am at home now with a cup of tea enjoying a well earned sit down!

I help out at my local animal rescue charity and today was the Spring Fayre held in the town hall. I got to sell handmade goods - woop woop!  So I was in charge of selling peg bags,  aprons, tea towels etc. It is a long day. I arrive at 8:30am, man my stall all day except a quick stop for lunch, I had a jacket potato with beans in the hall cafĂ©.  Late afternoon we start clearing up and I help pack up all the bric-a-brac etc and load it into volunteers cars. It is tiring especially loading all the cars,  but I love it and it makes a lot of money for the charity.  I'm happy to help.

Cup of tea with my jacket potato helped me through the afternoon :)

I managed to get away for a look round the stalls and got some hand crocheted dish cloths for 70p each! I usually make my own dishcloths but I couldn't refuse these bargains.

Handmade dishcloths 70p each!

At the end of the day I packed up my stall and went round to see what was left.  On the plant stall there was some tomato plants.  I asked how much they were, she said she needed to get rid of them and I could have the lot for £2.50- there were 7 plants! !!

I'm not up to much this evening.  I might do some knitting and plan my shopping for tomorrow.  I also have a magazine from 1957 I haven't read yet.



  1. I like the way the dishcloths are wrapped, makes them look very special.
    Bargain tomato plants, I hope they produce lots of tomatoes for you

    1. I know, they're lovely and I can't believe how cheap they were. The quality is fantastic. I've never done very well with tomato plants so fingers crossed for this year!