Monday, 27 April 2015

Feeling Marvellous-Appreciating All I Have

This morning I woke up feeling pretty darned good. I think in this world it is easy to forget how lucky I am for everything I have and to get caught up in dissatisfaction with life and 'always wanting more' so I'd like to take this moment to just record a few of the things I am thankful for today,  particularly the small things.  I'm not trying to be smug,  just genuinely grateful for 'my lot'.

* I am thankful that we have our own home,  it may be small,  but it's ours and I love it.
* I am grateful for all the stories my Grandma and Grandpa told me about their amazing lives,  particularly during and after the war when times were hard.  It was so inspiring. 
* I am grateful for my allotment and that we have a little plot of land to grow our own organic fruit and vegetables. 
* I am grateful that dh and I are enployed, and that although I don't like my job, that I am able to do something about it by hopefully finding something new and marvellous. 
* I am grateful I have a few fantastic friends,  two of whom sent me flowers last week because they knew I'd been struggling with my job and wanted me to know they love and support me.  X
*I am thankful my husband has been so marvellous in being a rock to me in the last year.  I sometimes think I don't know how lucky I am.
* it's great that dh loves history and 'vintage' as much as me and we can spend time going to museums,  historical houses,  antique shops and vintage fayres together- and we both get excited when we see a vintage car on the road. We want one so much!!
* I am thankful our home isn't full of technology and is very peaceful.  We don't have many kitchen mod cons such as dishwasher,  microwave,  electric kettle,  food processor etc etc. We don't have a tv in every room or x-boxes. There are no trailing cables or charger in every socket. 
* I am grateful that we are made happy with the more simple things in life like reading,  walks,  chips on the prom,  playing cards and jigsaw puzzles.  
* I love that we save up for the things we need rather than buying on hp or credit cards.  It makes us appreciate them all the more and gives us things to look forward to- will our bathroom ever be done? !

So, that's a few of the things that spring to mind. I have a few job interviews this week so wish me luck!

The view outside my back door this morning


  1. It's lovely to acknowledge our blessings. It can be too easy to get bogged down with day to day life without appreciating the important things. It's definitely something I need to do more of. Good luck with the interviews. X

    1. Hi Summerdays, thanks:) I'm about to do an update on the job situation :)

  2. Hello. I just discovered your blog and I so admire your perspective on life. I agree that we are blessed from within, not the things we have. I am signing up to follow as the rationing posts are quite fascinating. My best to you, Pat

    1. Hi Pat, thank you for your kind comment, I'm so glad you're enjoying my blog :)