Wednesday, 29 April 2015

DH Bought Bought Me A Present!

It'll just be a short post tonight as I'm still tired after yesterday and I'm having an early night. 

I picked Dh up from the train station at 11:45pm and it was a 45 minute journey home so it was a late night.  However when we got in Dh wanted to give me a present he found in an Antiques shop. It was a really old jigsaw puzzle, part of the Victory series. 

I'm not sure of the age of it but the company was manufacturing from 1930. I think it looks 40's maybe, but if anyone knows any better please let me know! I love it.  The pieces are really thick wood and I wonder how many people have completed it since it was made? 

Before I went to pick dh up last night I stewed some apples so this morning for breakfast I made pancakes which I topped with the apple.  I then used a bit of our precious maple syrup- what a treat,  they were so good! !

Rightio,  I'm off to bed. Goodnight :)



  1. What a lovely gift.
    Mmm pancakes, I love Maple Syrup but it is expensive so has to be used sparingly

    1. I love maple syrup too but we don't get it 'on ration' so I'm making what we have left last!

  2. I love Victory puzzles, such nice colours. We bought Mary one of our daughters a 1940's garden Victory puzzle for her birthday, she loves doing puzzles.
    Your pancakes look wonderful.
    Fondly Michelle

    1. Dh loves pancakes and they're easy to do on rations :)

  3. What a lovely gesture. I like the sound of the pancakes. I love to cook them but the smell always stays in my hair. X