Thursday, 23 April 2015

A Busy Day With Lots Of Bargains :)

I had the day off work today. The day started quite cloudy but brightened in the afternoon. Dh and I went into town.  Dh needed a new computer.  His has been broken for several weeks.  My Dad looked at it but said it  needed to be retired.  He managed to pick up a second hand reconditioned one from an independent computer shop for an extremely good price,  it came with a one year guarantee too. While he was getting a hair cut I went round to the library to use their computers to send out my cv to several companies.  After I wrote the post about trying to make the most of my ' out of work' time I realised how much it bothered me that I spend so much time thinking and worrying about work, so I have decided to move my career in a less stressful direction. Wish me luck! 

Dh came to meet me in the library and said he had just bought a set of drawers to go in his office.  Dh's office is very small so it has to be very organised with storage to stop it from looking cluttered.  We don't like flat pack furniture and all of our furniture is antique or second hand. The drawers had seen better days but they only need to be functional and dh said they were perfect so he bought them for £40. He said it was more than he wanted to spend but he really wanted to spend the day sorting his office out.  

When we got back everything was carefully unloaded.  The drawers had stickers on so I teased them off, cleaned it up then polished it with finishing oil. It came up really well, dh was very pleased.

Once I'd removed the stickers and given it a polish I think it came up quite well :)
I made us ploughman's for lunch then we had to drive about an hour to go and pick up an office chair I won for dh on Ebay. I won it for 99p! Even with the petrol it was still a bargain.  On the way we dropped off his old one that was totally broken at the recycling centre.  We'd not been to the big recycling centre before and was amazed to see it had a little Shop attached that was full of things the employees rescue from landfill to sell back to people.  I think the proceeds go to charity.  It was lovely looking round and there was some lovely pieces.  If we had the space I would have bought a few pieces!  But we will definitely go again if we're in the area. 

The second hand store saves salvageable pieces from landfill. 

I was tempted to buy this just as a display piece as it wasn't in working order but it was very big and we just don't have the space.  It was lovely looking round though!
We got in about 5ish and I had to hurriedly make dh a snack as he had to rush out by 5:30pm. He is bringing a friend back tonight as they have to leave in the morning to go to a conference and his friend doesn't drive so he's staying over.

I'm about to get the ironing done and then I need to prepare the bedding etc before they get back.

I have some 1940s and 50s movies to watch at the weekend which I'm looking forward to! 



  1. Our local tip had a shop bit once, then they were banned by some spoilsport on the council I guess

    1. That's a shame. This one was pretty busy and the employees were bringing chairs and bits down from the skips while we were there.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks :) we're not sure how old they are. They feel very solid. Dh thought they might be 40s

  3. We went to a landfiill place the other day, its amazing what you can find, I can't believe the things people throw out, looking forward to reading your blog .