Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy New Year

Hello. Life has been very hectic recently. The car has had some trouble and has been in the garage three times in the last week, then the kitchen sink blocked (I have no idea why, we're so careful!), which meant we had no kitchen sink and no washing machine for a week. It was fixed yesterday but as the weather is so bad now it's very hard to dry anything so I'm just washing emergency clothes until the rain stops- whenever that may be.
I can't complain though as I have been reading about all the people affected by the flooding with more rain to come. My thoughts are with them.
This New Year dh and I are having a quiet one, evening walk, Scrabble, slice of Christmas Cake, cup of tea, early night.
Happy New Year Everyone :)

Another magazine to add to my collection :)

Friday, 25 December 2015

A Christmas Story

Hello, and Merry Christmas everyone. I'd like to tell you about a Christmas tradition in my parents house.

This is called 'the house'. My Grandpa made it (sadly he is no longer with us) and it is about 40 years old.

The only repairs it has ever had is a new roof about 15 years ago. The roof is magical and opens up. Every Christmas Santa fills the roof with presents so that us Children (not so young now but he still does it!) can  enjoy  a little treat every now and again from now until the  new year.

This year, my nieces will  enjoy The House. They don't know about it yet so it will be  a nice surprise when my sister shows them it's treasure.

Merry  Christmas!


Wednesday, 23 December 2015

A Very Special Day

My Dad is a wonderful man. He worked hard his entire life, starting out as an apprentice, and working his way up. He's now retired and apart from doing some part - time work (he found no job at all a bit much so he's still doing bits and pieces) he's enjoying living off the fruits of his hard work.
When he knew my sister and nieces were going to be over for Christmas he wanted to do something super - special. A friend of his had done a day trip to a little village in Lapland and really enjoyed it and my Dad decided he wanted to treat us all to the same, not just my sister and nieces, but my other sister and our husbands too. So at 3:40am yesterday we got up and flew to one of the most magical days I've ever had. The village was very small with just one coach of tourists arriving a day  so it wasn't overcrowded. There was only  about 2 hours of daylight and once it was dark everywhere was gently lit with  fires, candles and white fairy lights.
We had a husky dog ride and a reindeer ride. The animals seemed extremely well cared for and not overworked in the slightest. I am a huge  animal lover so took the time to chat to the local people running the rides about the animals and you could see they were genuinely well cared for. We also did skidoo riding (dh drove!) and went on a very special lamplit walk into the woods to meet  Father  Christmas. The children did sledging and snowman building and at  -15 we took plenty if breaks for hot drinks and  a traditional meal.
Before we new it, it was time to go home. All the kids crashed out on the plane and it did seem a long time back, especially as dh and I had 1hr30 drive back from my parents after we landed.
We got in at 1:15am exhausted, but happy after our very special day :)


Sunday, 20 December 2015

We're Going Back To The 80's

Back in July I read an article about some brothers who recreated childhood photos as adults as a present for their Mum. The  photos were brilliant so i came up with a little plan. As my sister and nieces would be over this Christmas I thought we could do the same. I suggested it to my sister's and a plan was formed.

We chose the original photo, bought/made the clothes for both my sister and nieces and this afternoon both my sisters and nieces will recreate that photo. We will then  frame them in vertical frame, the original at the top, us recreating it below and my sisters children doing the same. I think it's  a nice idea and i hope  they'll love it.

After that it's on to a typical British Panto!

The original photo 

DH painted this design. He's pretty arty!

I made the cushion covers and dh painted the design.

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Getting Organise For Christmas

I'm feeling fairly organised for  Christmas. I did my usual homemade Christmas Cards. They're not going to win any awards as they're made with a potato stamp of a Christmas tree! But I like that they're homemade and i think people like that too. I made and sent out 30.

Today, the weather is wet and windy and dh has been out all day helping his friend with his market stall. After I dropped him off I went into town to get a few bits, nothing exciting, pan scourers, washing liquid and  a few bits from the charity shops.

When I got back I had a bowl of homemade  veggie soup and a crusty roll, I had a tidy up, hoovered, did the ironing and bathroom. I had already wrapped the presents vintage style using brown paper and my trusty potato stamp but I was missing the string so I did that and they are now finished and I just have a couple more to get.

Our presents are not very extravagant, thank goodness we don't do that in our family, some are second hand and some are homemade.

For dinner tonight I have a nutloaf my mum bought then didn't want so I've cooked that up with pasta for DH  (I don't like pasta) and white sauce and veggies.


DH's Grand Plan- We Need To Cut Our Expenses And We're Going To Make It Fun!

DH and I are fairly frugal in our ways. We don't have anything on HP and we save up for the things we need. We don't earn a lot of money and we live within our means. 

Recently however we've had some big expenses come in. The car had to go in on Friday and have it's exhaust done unexpectedly and it's got to go back on Monday to have a new Cam Belt (expensive). It's Christmas. We're not extravagant over Christmas but obviously there are added expenses that occur, especially as my sister is over from Australia., the petrol in visiting back and forth every weekend alone is enough to bump our monthly expenses up by about £100 over the next 6 weeks. 

My sister is coming to stay with us in early January before they go home. Our 'shoe-box' home is only just big enough for DH and myself so we cannot accomodate another 3! So we're renting a local cottage for 4 days so we can all stay in comfort. It is lovely and of course, our treat. My sister spoilt us rotten when we went over and I want to reciprocate now they're over. We have lots of things planned that will cost money as everything is indoors at this time of year really. They're 9 and 11 so we want to be 'doing' lots for them :) They're lovely. We have been saving but everything does seem to come along at once! 

DH wanted us to look and see where we could save money this month and the obvious answer was food. I love good food, but recently our food bills have been going up a bit *lot*, I don't even really know why, but DH has set me a challenge, to reduce our food bills as much as I can (I do most the shopping/cooking) by yellow ticket shopping.

I don't usually do much supermarket shopping, I'm not a big fan of them but I am fascinated with Ilonas blog and the discount shopping she does. So. . . . . since the 1st December we have ONLY been buying food items that are reduced in the supermarkets, that's it, nothing else. We've been using our reserves in the cupboad and buying lots of fresh produce, bread, fish and freezing it on day of purchase etc. I must admit it's become a bit addictive. I like the thought of saving food from landfill and also getting it at such a good price that I'm probably giving the supermarkets virtually nothing. I've made a little blog about it that will probably just be a short term thing to keep me focused. I will put the amount I spent, the amount it would have cost full price and what I'm doing with it. I don't want it to become part of this blog and I also have good news I think my photos will be back again this week as I have a new phone :)

The link to my blog, which I will start posting on soon is here

Photos are back! My mum gave me this tablecloth last weekend, it belonged to my Grandma:)

Monday, 14 December 2015

Today I haven't stopped!

I got in last night after a long drive (dh) and was so exhausted I went straight to bed. We struggled to get up this morning. Usually dh goes straight to work at 6am and I make coffee and bring him breakfast and do a few jobs before I go to work. Today we didn't get up til 7am and even that was an effort.  

Today I finished work at 2pm, came home to find dh had made me a lovely lunch- what a surprise! Not only that but he said he'd had such a good morning at work he'd come and help me at the allotment for an hour before it got dark - he's a keeper ;) 

We both worked hard at the allotment, then I came back and I went straight out again to drop some cards off. When I got back I did a 'big clean' as we hadn't been in much at the weekend to catch up on chores and I like the house to be clean and tidy. 

I then played the piano for half an hour,  made dinner and I'm now about to have a quick shower before we go out again on a walk. When we get back I think I'll go straight to bed with some of my new Picture Post Magazines from the wartime era I bought recently :)

I wanted to get my Christmas wrapping paper made tonight but.  . . . I'm pooped! It's not going to happen. I will fix dh's slippers though which badly need the attention of my needle and thread.   

An early night well earnt!


Sunday, 13 December 2015

My Sister Is Here!

After a late night last night at the work Christmas party I got out of bed this morning and headed straight for the kettle to make dh and I a coffee as it was 6am and I'd had about 5 hours sleep! We had a drive to Dorset to my parents house where we were awaiting the arrival of my sister and nieces from the airport. My parents were picking them up. Their flight was horribly delayed so what is an incredibly long trip anyway was made hours longer.

The girls had slept on the plane so were still pretty chirpy on arrival.  After a sit down, catch up and dog walk my parents got down the decorations,  put on the Christmas music and we all decorated the tree and put the decorations up. I couldn't help but notice a lot of our 'high quality' childhood homemade decorations were suspiciously absent and seemed to have been replaced with some new shop bought decorations!  *gasp*

We had dinner together and then the girls crashed, hardly surprising as it was the equivalent of 1am in Oz. Dh is just driving us home now. I'm really tired and will have an early night too. It's a hot water bottle and double duvet night. Nighty night.


Reflections And Plans For Next Year

I haven't blogged much recently. I've had technology problems and haven't been able to post photos. I always like to post a photo or two with every post but as it may be a bit longer before I can post photos I just thought I would post anyway as I've been missing writing my thoughts. 

I've been reflecting a lot over the last week about this year. It's been a year of incredible change and I'm excited about next year. This time last year I was in a job I hated and would come home every night and cry at the though of going back. Now I'm in a job I love and went to my work Christmas party and socialised with an incredibly nice and genuine people.  

This time a year ago we were paying our mortgage off at a normal rate. The last few months we've been making loads of savings in our day to day lives to make over payments to pay our mortgage off early.  I worked out if we can make an overpayment every month we can pay off our mortgage in 8 years. I want to do this! The reward of the financial freedom it will bring will be incredible. It means we'll be mortgage free before we're 40. It may be that we're mortgage free in a shoebox (as we affectionately call our home) but it will be 'our' shoebox and we can live there rent free for the rest of our lives.  Dh and I are not interested in 'climbing the property ladder'. As much as I'd love to have a 'proper' house, what's the point if all we could afford to do is sit around and look at it because don't have the money to do much else. We enjoy 'living' and for us that involves visiting my sister in Australia, visiting and spending time with friends all over the uk, going antiquing and to vintage and military shows, re enacting and all the things we feel makes life worth living.  Having a big house just isn't on the agenda for us. 

Next year this blog is going to be more focused on saving money, make do and mend, ww2 re enacting and my love of 1940s life. Hope you can join me,  photos or not!  


Monday, 16 November 2015

Why I Do Love Mondays!

I get most weekends off except some where I work Saturday mornings.  However, I don't mind working the odd weekend as I love my work hours. On Mondays I finish at 2pm-it's practically a half day! And makes Mondays much less painful- I'm lucky enough to have a job I enjoy so it's not too painful anyway but still, it's nice to start the week by only working a few hours.  . . Sorry if I seem smug. I'm not meaning to but after my last job where I worked every hour of the day it still seems like a treat that needs shouting about that I'm working normal hours! !!!

Anyways, after work today the weather was pretty damp and cloudy but not yet raining so I put on my wellies and went up the allotment to do some weeding.  I've started walking to the allotment recently. It's about 25 minutes each way and walking gives me time to think and I really enjoy it. 

The ground is heavy and hard to work.  I'm closing everything down now for winter. 

When I got in I made some sunflower and sesame crackers and put on dinner of baked sweet potatoes,  sausages and mushrooms. The crackers are very simple to make and are cheap as well even to make organically, as organic sesame and sunflower seeds are fairly cheap for me to buy locally. They only have four ingredients aside from sweet or savoury seasonings.

Dh and I are going for a walk in a bit and I still have the washing up to do. Nighty night.


Sunday, 15 November 2015

Weekend On My Own

DH has had a weekend away with his friends this weekend so I have been on my own. He had the car so I've mostly been in the house.  The weather has been blowy with rain on and off but I made sure I got out for a walk yesterday. I did some jobs I've been wanting to do for ages: I cleaned out the pots and pans cupboard.  Some bits I never use any more so have gone in the charity bag. Others were beyond repair and have gone in the bag for Dh to take to metal recycling.  There is so much more room in their now!  I did some other cleaning jobs and reading that I have been wanting to catch up on. I've got some library books I simply must finish! 

Living in an old house (maisonette) we only have single walls.  The outside is in need of some love and now someone new is moving in (the previous owner didn't want to maintain the building and was very difficult to deal with) we are hoping to repair and paint the outside next year- woop! As we have rotten fascias and guttering that is not 100 percent as well as single walls our home is prone to damp.  It was pretty bad when we first moved in 5 years ago and is much better now although it's still a problem during wet winters.  I hope with some tlc to the outside next year the problem will be completely fixed. Anyone else have this problem?  I used to feel very depressed about it but now feel it is just part and part of owning an old home.  

Today, I walked to the allotment,  did an hours work down there then walked back.  At the moment I am roasting some veg including home grown squash with fresh herbs which I will have ready for dh when he gets in in a bit. We will have it with cheese omelette.  Tonight, it will be a game of rummy and a nice walk to catch up.  

I made this draught excluder from some spare linen :)


Saturday, 3 October 2015

Our Busy Life - In Pics

We've been really busy recently,  particularly at weekends.  Last weekend we got together with friends at their beach house near Portsmouth. We went out for a lovely meal,  played games,  relaxed and had general merriment :)

We had the best weather of the year I think!  This is the sunrise on our drive down. 

We've been to some great antiques fayres and got some great ww2 items including this original field telephone in it's box. 

The box is not as common as they are heavy so a lot were discarded to make them more portable. 

We have spent some nights in relaxing now the evenings are drawing in. We enjoy a game of cards,  usually rummy but sometimes it's Uno!

Burt enjoying the sunshine.  We're off to another antiques sale tomorrow.  I'm off to read my new library books then have a stack of ironing to do. 


Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Foodie Challenge- Making Flour And Butter

So yesterday was the first day of my foodie challenge and, I'll be honest, I did spend A Lot of time in the kitchen. But it was raining all day so I didn't mind.  

The first thing I wanted to do was make my own flour so I could bake bread. I got some spelt grain and slowly ran it through the grinding function on my juicer.  My juicer is one of my only kitchen gadgets. It's a Matstone so it can do lots of things beside juicing. I usually use it for grinding almonds into almond meal but on this occasion it worked well for spelt grain.  It took a long time as I had to run it through the machine several times as it was very very course initially. However, once it was all run through and I had seived it it was much better. I tried not to remove too much of the husk but some of it did have to go otherwise I think anything made with it would have been very tough.  

Once I had made the flour I then made a small loaf of bread. I was worried the flour would not rise well but I needn't have worried. It rose really well and apart from being a smaller loaf and flstter than usual really just because I had less dough, the texture was really good and it tasted really good! 

I then set about making my own butter.  I have done this before so sort of knew what I was doing. Apart from being a bit greasy the experience was fun and I ended up with a good sized pat of local, organic, handmade butter. 

I had some flour left over and dh requested scones. Because I don't use sugar I replaced it with honey and raisins giving the scones a looser texture.  They didn't rise quite as well and were quite crumbly but they tasted delicious.  I saved some of the cream from butter making and also made some 'jam' by gently cooking a chopped plum with a little honey. So we had our own version of a cream tea in the afternoon.  

I also made a simple sweet potato,  lentil and veggie soup which was very nice and we had eggs on toast.  

I have told dh that today's menu will be a more simple affair as I am hoping to get down the allotment before the rain starts again!

The butter is really good.  

The scones are amazing but a 'one off' treat!

The bread turned out amazingly well but is a much smaller loaf


Tuesday, 15 September 2015

My 'Week Off' Foodie Challenge

I find food fascinating.  I am very interested in the role it takes in our health and wellbeing.  I am very proud that I haven't eaten fast food for at least 10 years and that I started regularly attending farmers markets and buying local produce about the same time.  I love supporting small,  independent shops and the majority of my shopping is done this way,  rather than in supermarkets.

As I have a week off work this week and the weather is terrible! I am going to give myself a food challenge which is to eat a completely unprocessed diet this week unless I am making myself from scratch.  Does that make sense?  E.g butter I can have, as long as I make it myself,  if I want bread, not only must I make it myself but I must grind my own flour also, honey?  Yes, as I buy it in its raw state. Tinned beans?  No, but dried beans that I soaked and cooked myself would be fine.  I like a challenge and am looking forward to doing this! Back to basics. I will let you know how I get on :)


Monday, 14 September 2015

Back After A Break :)

Hello! I know, it's been ages but I've missed blogging and I have a week off this week so I thought I'd get back in the swing (!) of blogging again this week :)

While I've been gone have we turned our back on our love of vintage?  No! We're loving it even more, that's one of the reasons I haven't had time to blog.  

Since I last posted Dh and I have joined a local WW2 re-enactment group.  I am going to be 'joining' the ATS and hopefully doing wartime women proud by bringing the past to life. Because of this I have been reading like crazy. I have a little frugal trick I have for getting cheap books and supporting my local library in the process.  I find the books I want on Amazon as it's easier to read reviews and find books within certain genres etc, then I find and reserve it using my local library app, it gets sourced and delivered to my local library, usually within a couple of weeks for the princely sum of £1.

We're both very excited about the group. We went to Blunsdon At War this weekend in civvy 40s gear and it was brilliant. We camped over and it was freezing (almost!) but there was a 40s singer Jayne Darling performing to 'the troops' in the evening and she was Brilliant!  The atmosphere was great even if it was a bit chilly!

On other fronts the main thing that has changed is we are no longer rationing. I have PCOS and have always had skin problems but I found my cystic acne (I know, painful and looks awful) was getting worse and worse to the point the while lower half of my face looked so bad and was really painful. I couldn't work out why it was getting so bad. By process of elimination I have made it 90 percent better by cutting out soya (present in a lot of veggie foods and commercial breads), refined sugar  (heavily present within rations) and cutting right down on wheat and cows dairy (disclaimer: I am not a doctor,  please don't copy me without speaking to yours!). I have been veggie for many years but have recently introduced fish and very small amounts of local organic meats. I don't know how things will progress. We eat mostly food cooked from scratch and I hope to incorporate a lot of vintage recipes that match how I want to eat.

I am hoping to enrol in a dress making evening class starting in January so I can make my own vintage designs!

The allotment has given us a bountiful harvest although the weather seems to be rapidly turning so I'm not sure how well my squashes are going to do.

Hope everyone is well.

These are just some of the books in my reading pile.  The Unsung Heroines book I bought for £1 and it is really good: loads of pictures and is mostly comprised of memories from the women who were there.  It's a fascinating insight into women's role in the war.  The other two are library books I have yet to start. 


Thursday, 6 August 2015

Dh Put His Back Out :/

I've had a bit of a blog break as we've been up to so much recently which came to a halt Tuesday late morning when I got a call from dh saying could I come home as he was on the floor and couldn't get up as he thinks he'd trapped a nerve or something something in his back. I came home to find him in agony on the floor.  I managed to help him v e r y slowly up and we went to the walk-in centre.  We were told there was a 45 minute wait but luckily when one of the nurses walked through and saw dh in great amounts of pain propped against the wall as he couldn't sit down she took him straight through. Today he can get up and hobble around although still in a lot of pain. It's important for him to keep moving little and often to encourage his movement back. He has promised to take regular breaks from his 'sitting' job and start exercising more regularly. 

Apart from that it's been all systems go here.  At the allotment its been courgettes, broad beans and peas which I have been harvesting and in the case of the beans and peas, freezing. I have a lot of squashes on the way I hope too and we are picking spring onions regularly.

We've been to another couple of ww2 days which were great fun. I've been spending a lot of time in the kitchen cooking a lot from scratch which we have both been appreciating. I'm pleased to say barely any processed food is currently part of my weekly shop. For health reasons (I'll explain more in a month or two when I know if my new diet is helping) I am following a very unprocessed diet with no sugar or flour or processed food. Since I started the rationing experiment to now with my new diet I have lost 10 pounds :)

Burt is fine and full of beans. He's so settled now he really feels like one of the family. 

We went to a Vintage Warehouse a few weeks ago and I got 2 copies of 1937 People's Friend magazine for £1 each- fantastic!  

I was going to go to the allotment this morning but alas its raining so I'm going to have a blitz of the house.  I'm working tonight so if I leave the house in ship shape it means I can relax when I get in without having any chores to do.

Hope you are all well :)

Ooo, before I go is anyone watching the new series of Ben Fogle: New Lives In The Wild. ? I've watched all the series and find it fascinating, inspiring and just amazing really.  If anyone else hasn't seen it and is interested in people living amazing lives away from the rat race,  look it up :)


Sunday, 12 July 2015

WW2 Historical Day

Although DH has still not been paid,  I had been looking forward to this day out for weeks and wasn't going to miss it! So I raided our holiday fund of the princely sum of £30, and we hit the road.

I packed us a picnic to save money.  I made sandwiches and biscuits from a rationing recipe,  a flask of tea and a bottle of water,  although we did stop at the WI tent for a cup of tea and slice of cake :)

There were re-enactors and living history displays.  The weather was overcast but it did stay dry.

There was also weapons displays, military vehicle displays,  classic car displays and a very loud assault weapon reenactment! 

Love this car!

We were treated to some ww2 hits,  most of which I knew and sang along to :)

It was a great day. I bought some original ww2 British newspapers for £1 each.  I will read them with a cup of tea later. 

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Hello, Welcome To Our Home. Would You Like To Come In? - The Lounge

Hello, we move on to the lounge, or sitting room or living room as some people know them as. When we first moved in this room was cold and had barely any furniture in. We had no television and it had damp so we spent hardly any time in here. Five years on and I love this room.  Every piece of furniture tells a story and although the room is small it suits us well.  It's still cold in winter and I spend many an evening curled up on the sofa with a duvet and two hot water bottles!

 The sofa is the only new piece of furniture in our lounge as it's also a bed. Having no guest room it was important for us to have a comfortable bed for friends to sleep in when they visit

The table and cupboard the tv is on were both my Grandma's

The two books on the left I got for £1 each from a second hand book shop.

This picture is actually a jigsaw puzzle I did with my Dad when I was young. He made a frame for it and glued it to a board.  My parents had it up in their family room for years.  When they downsized it came to live with us.

This is a WW2 lead lined chest we got from a car boot sale for £15. It weighs a ton! I use it as a coffee table.  

I've tried looking up the owner of this chest to see if I can find out anything about him but I've been unsuccessful.  Brigadier R.G Miller was the original owner. 

I have a nest of three of these tables from my Grandma.  She said they were Utility Furniture. They are still in great condition. My mum made the coasters. 

A few other points that may be of interest.  The blanket over the back of the sofa is homemade.  I made it butterfly looming.  The ties for the curtains I made from the leftover lace from my wedding dress. The lamp was also my Grandma's as was the 2 single chairs :)


Thursday, 2 July 2015

A Busy Few Days

It's been a really good but busy time here in the Vintage House. It started off on Sunday with Dh and I going to a free Vintage Military Vehicle display. It was raining but that was fine and it was really good. There were men and women dressed up in military uniforms. The women looked so smart!

We have changed to loose tea from tea bags and I love it! So much easier to make the most of our tea ration. I have been looking out for a tea strainer for a while and dh found me one for 99p in a charity shop, as before this I was using  a fine seive!

Yesterday evening we went to the allotment and did loads of harvesting.  We picked a pound of blackcurrants,  half a pound of strawberries a small amount of broad beans. When we got home I set us both up a little work station on trays and we sat in the lounge and dh podded the broad beans and topped the strawberries and I picked the blackcurrants off the stalks and sorted them. We did this while watching a 40s documentary. I then simmered the strawberries down with a little sugar, added some agar flakes (a veggie thickener), put it in a kilner jar and put it in the fridge once cooled.  It made a kind of soft jam and it's really nice!  

I don't start lunch til lunch time today so I got up early, did some washing. I've started hand washing at the moment which I'm enjoying. I then made up a barley stew and set it simmering on the stove.  After breakfast and a cup of tea I took some rhubarb and blackcurrants from our allotment and stewed them with some pears. Dh loves stewed fruit so I try and make batches regularly. I then made a one egg sponge using a Marguerite Patten wartime recipe.  Wartime cake portions I find are generally quite small due to rationing so instead of doing two sandwiches I did one and topped it with my jam recipe.  I don't like to blow my own trumpet often but it was really good! 

Hope you're having a good week.  Lounge photos coming soon :)


Saturday, 27 June 2015

Hello, Welcome To Our Home. Would You Like To Come In? - The Kitchen

I love our kitchen. The view out our kitchen window is one of the main reasons we bought our home.  The orchard outside has lambs, calves and their mums in May-October and I love watching them out the window.

Our kitchen probably looks fairly average but I think it's special by what it doesn't have, than by what it does.  We have very few mod cons. We have a cooker, a washing machine, a fridge freezer and a hand blender, and that's about it on the electrical front. We don't have a microwave, food processor, dishwasher, tumble dryer or any other kitchen appliances. I try and keep the kitchen as clutter free as possible. Dh hates the sides looking messy so he helps to keep things tidy. I have a hob top whistling kettle, which at the moment is a repro, but I have my eye out for a vintage original. The pics are a bit dark because it's sunny outside so I hope they're ok. 

When we moved in the kitchen had torn pink lino on the floor that was ripped into several pieces. We now have proper flooring down.

This is my Grandma's gorgeous Welsh dresser and one of my favourite pieces of furniture. 

The inside of the cupboards are pretty well organised.  I sort them out regularly. 

Burt is settling in well and enjoying the afternoon sunshine :)

In the long term I would love a Smeg fridge freezer as I love the look of them but our current one was free so I will run it until it needs retiring. How does our kitchen compare to yours?  


Thursday, 25 June 2015

Hello, Welcome To My Home, Would You Like To Come In?

I have been inspired in my latest post by one of my lovely readers who was asking about the interior of our home.  Our home is very small and simple.  It is a constant work in progress. It was in a bit of a state when we moved in and we've spent 5 years doing it up. We're not finished yet.  Our decor is also simple with mostly magnolia walls, but I will have some vintage wallpaper in the future, particularly in the bedroom which is next on the list. I am going to do a mini series showing each room in our home,  showing the furniture and telling you a bit about their stories as most of it is second hand.  

Let's start in the bedroom.  

We have a lot of furniture that belonged to my Grandma.  This is her dresser.  The dressing set on top I got at a charity shop.

This is our bed.  We bought the frame second hand,  someone was selling it outside their house.  

We have an original turn dial phone which is sat on an old coal store I use for storing bedding.  I have an old leather suitcase in front of it I use for storing paperwork.

We have a log burning stove.  This is our only form of heating the bedroom.  

This is very special to me.  This is hung above our fireplace.  It's the deed to a house in Stratford upon Avon from the 1700s. I bought it at a car boot sale. The back is also glass so we can see the signatures and wax stamps. I don't know the couple who's house it was but I love having something so old in my home. 

Dated 1705

It is signed on the back several times. 

I would love to know more about the couple but I have never had any luck with Internet searches.